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[2010-05-24] Hubble Palette with Astronomik Hα 12nm filter and Astronomik OIII 12nm filter and Astronomik SII 12nm filter, Celestron CGE1400 (Teleskop Service SCT 0.8x reducer/corrector) with SBIG ST-8300M (-17C). R=SII 18x240sec, G=Hα 20x240sec, B=OIII 26x240sec.
Guiding through Orion SteadyStar Adaptive Optics Off-Axis Guider with StarlightXpress Lodestar
Imaging 05/24/2010-06/18/2010. Two versions of the image are shown: (default) all three color layers linearly scaled to match in brightness; (mouse over) color layers combined preserving the original intensities with blue (OIII) dominating.
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