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[2009-07-09] Enhanced (L)RGB with Astronomik Hα 12nm filter and Astronomik OIII 12nm filter, Orion 10" Newtonian on CGE (Baader Coma Corrector) with CCD-Labs Q8 (Q453HR) (gain 1, offset 130). Hα 10x600sec, OIII 7x600sec, RGB 26x300sec (total 5 hours)
Guiding through Celestron C80ED with Orion StarShoot Autoguider
Imaging between 2009-07-09 and 2009-07-19. Blended Hα+OIII+RGB image. Hα was used as R channel, OIII was merged 50% into B and G channels. You can see the original Hα+RGB image with mouse over the image.
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