Coronado Personal Solar Telescope

I enjoy Solar observing very much - I use Orion SkyQuest with full aperture filter and CGE1400 with off-axis solar filter for white light observing. Coronado PST is very special here since it allows viewing chromosphere in H-alpha band. All the prominences, plages, filaments and texture of Solar surface shows up nicely. This is a dedicated Solar telescope (40mm achromatic refractor) with built-in H-alpha filter with less than 10 width. It opened for me completely new world - and i love it. If only the bigger Solar filters were not that much more expensive ...

Most often I use PST as a standalone telescope on a Celestron Alt-Az tripod, but sometimes I piggyback it on CGE1400. CGE1400 can be also used as a Solar telescope with Kendrick off-axis Solar Filter (Baader AstroSolar film). Recently I have used it for Solar imaging during Mercury transit in 2016 with StarlightXpress Lodestar piggybacked on my Orion 10" Newtonian.