Live Stacking with Starlight Live

This EAA observing session was done in the field - at Black Forest Star Party in Cherry Springs State Park, PA. I used C14 and Ultrastar - C14 was controlled via WiFi by Sky Safari on an iPad, images were received on a laptop inside my trailer connected by a long active USB cable. After some trials with FIT files from previous sessions I settled on the default settings color balance, and used 2x boost for color saturation. The night of September 26 was extremely clear and steady.

[2019-9-27 00:10:34] NGC7331, Deer Lick group, 35x8s. 18x8s sum plus 17x8s averaging. Lots of galaxies and good detail. EAA is quite good in bringing the details in galaxies!
[2019-9-27 00:16:08] Stephan's Quintet, 25x8s. 18x8s sum plus 7x8s averaging. Good detail again, and in only 3 min 20 sec.
[2019-9-27 00:27:49] NGC7217, 22x8s. 18x8s sum plus 4x8s averaging.
[2019-9-27 00:32:23] NGC7457, 14x8s.
[2019-9-27 00:49:15] Iris Nebula, 38x8s. 18x8s sum plus 20x8s averaging. Good detail, color still off - probably need more exposure to get better color.
[2019-9-27 01:24:49] Pegasus I galaxy cluster, image 1, 32x8s. 18x8s sum plus 14x8s averaging. This is one of the objects that definitively look better with EAA.
[2019-9-27 01:30:06] Pegasus I galaxy cluster, image 2, 26x8s.  18x8s sum plus 8x8s averaging.
[2019-9-27 01:50:40] NGC253, 27x8s. 18x8s sum plus 9x8s averaging
[2019-9-27 01:54:45] NGC288, 16x8s.
[2019-9-27 01:58:56] NGC247, 18x8s.
[2019-9-27 01:37:39] Hickson 93 galaxy cluster, 34x8s. 18x8s sum plus 16x8s averaging.
[2019-9-27 02:20:21] M74, 18x8s.
[2019-9-27 02:32:28] M77, 15x8s. Core is too bright, but outer rings is visible. I should probably go for less exposure and more averaging.
[2019-9-27 02:37:24] NGC1055, 18x8s.
[2019-9-27 02:40:44] Flame Nebula, 11x8s.
[2019-9-27 02:56:23] Horsehead Nebula, 37x8s. 18x8s sum plus 19x8s averaging. Beautiful Horsehead!
[2019-9-27 03:04:14] Running Man nebula, NGC1975, 28x8s. 18x8s sum plus 10x8s averaging
[2019-9-27 03:10:25] M42, Orion Nebula, 3x5s average. M42 is extremely large dynamic range object, very easy to get the center burned out.