Live Stacking with Starlight Live

This EAA session was back with C14 and Ultrastar. I used the default settings color balance, it is very hard to balance colors in the dark, so I wanted to see how it comes out this way. A few days before I did some observing with Obsession 18", and I observed several small galaxies in Aquarius and around. They were mostly hard to see smudges of light, with sometimes a hint of a structure. I wanted to test them with EAA and see if I can see more - and I certainly could. I have also explored nebulosity around Heart and Soul nebulas, they actually show well in EAA setting.

[2019-9-5 22:34:00] M27, 10x5s. Messier object always look spectacular ...
[2019-9-5 22:44:51] NGC281, Pacman Nebula, 13x5s.
[2019-9-5 23:09:00] NGC896, top of Heart Nebula, 11x7.5s.
[2019-9-5 23:25:31] Center of Heart Nebula, 14x7.5s.
[2019-9-5 23:29:03] Bottom of Heart Nebula, 20x7.5s.
[2019-9-5 23:39:10] Part of Soul Nebula, 17x7.5s.
[2019-9-5 23:45:37] NGC7309, 20x7.5s. A very nice face-on spiral, no details showing at the eyepiece, at least not for me. The magnification is small, but details are still visible. It is possible to magnify parts of the image on the fly while EAA-observing to get even more details - possible here with mouse-over (or touch on mobile devices).  The size of this object is around 2', and it still shows details with C14 in Hyperstar configuration.
[2019-9-5 23:49:41] NGC7218, 14x7.5s. An irregular galaxy.
[2019-9-5 23:52:56] NGC7193, 17x7.5s.
[2019-9-5 23:57:56] NGC7184 and companions, 19x7.5s.
[2019-9-6 00:19:32] Helix Nebula, 40x7.5. 20 frames of that time is accumulation (sum), the next 20 frames is averaging to get smoother picture.
[2019-9-6 00:19:32] Helix Nebula, animated gif. This is how it shoed up on the screen during observing, click on the image and you will get animated gif movie with 2 frames per second (21 frames).
[2019-9-6 00:27:19] NGC7377, 15x7.5s. Classified as a spiral, but looks like an elliptical to me.
[2019-9-6 00:30:28] NGC7492, 15x7.5s. A faint globular cluster.
[2019-9-6 00:39:31] NGC7723, 37x7.5s. Again, 20 frames was accumulation time, 17 frames averaging. A nice barred spiral galaxy.
[2019-9-6 00:47:06] NGC7606, 41x7.5s. 20 frames was accumulation time, 21 frames averaging. A nice spiral galaxy.
[2019-9-6 00:56:33] IC1613, 33x7.5s. This is a very faint irregular dwarf galaxy (similar to Large Magellanic Cloud) from our Local Group. It is only 2,4 Mly away. Pretty much impossible visually, and quite faint even with EAA. But it can be seen!
[2019-9-6 01:04:53] NGC246, Skull Nebula, 40x7.5s. 20 frames was accumulation time, 20 frames averaging. Nice planetary nebula.