Live Stacking with Starlight Live

This time I used my Orion 10" Newtonian again, my C14 mount broke down. It was fun session proving that f/4.5 is not bad, if one allows more exposure time. I have a feeling I am getting better in color adjustment as well. I have browsed through some high-profile Summer objects, it is very captivating to observe the same objects I have seen so many times visually with EAA. I will be spending more time with EAA! I will also try C14 at f/8.8 on planetary nebulae and other small but relatively bright objects. In most objects below I used sum-mean protocol, i.e. accumulating some exposures as sum first, then adding more as average. I have used non-linear scaling as well, it brings higher dynamic range, which is important for globular clusters and bright nebulae.

[2018-7-20 00:15:43] M4. Low to the west by the time I started.
[2018-7-20 00:27:26] M17 the Swan. Couldn't resist to check it again.
[2018-7-20 00:32:27] M16 Eagle Nebula. I always struggle to see the Eagle visually, but with EAA it is easy. I need to accumulate a bit longer exposure,  
[2018-7-20 00:36:46] M20 the Trifid Nebula. Again, more exposure needed. The picture looked less grainy in the dark on my laptop screen. Still I am quite pleased. With longer exposure blue part will be much better.
[2018-7-20 00:47:41] M8 Lagoon Nebula.
[2018-7-20 00:58:16] M22. Low in Southe-West at this time. Came quit yellow, not sure it is a color balance problem or some low haze.
[2018-7-20 01:22:32] M13. This is how I like my globulars. Much better than M22.
[2018-7-20 01:30:42] M57 Ring Nebula. IC1296 galaxy faintly shows below the Ring.
[2018-7-20 01:44:52] M27 Dumbbell Nebula.
[2018-7-20 01:52:25] M102 Spindle Galaxy. This is relatively bright object, but central dust lane is clearly visible, hard to see visually.
[2018-7-20 01:57:37] NGC5907. Another edge-on galaxy.
[2018-7-20 02:07:18] NGC6946 Fireworks Galaxy. This one is faint, and needs a lot more exposure.
[2018-7-20 02:12:52] NGC6960 Veil Nebula close to 52 Cygni.  More exposure needed, and a bit of refocusing. It is easy to forget all these slews may influence focus a bit - need to remember next time.