Observing Lists for Sky Safari

These lists have been developed over years for my visual observing with Obsession 18" Dobsonian. They are currently in the format accepted by Sky Safari 5. To import individual lists into Sky Safari save them first ("Save link as ...") then transfer to your device and either copy to Sky Safari observing lists folder (easiest), or open it with Sky Safari. You can also download all lists as ZIP, decompress and transfer files same as above.

All lists in ZIP archive

Binoculars Spring North
Binoculars Spring South
Binoculars Spring Zenith

Binoculars Summer North
Binoculars Summer South
Binoculars Summer Zenith

Binoculars Fall North
Binoculars Fall South
Binoculars Fall Zenith

Binoculars Winter North
Binoculars Winter South
Binoculars Winter Zenith

Spring 01 Lynx
Spring 02 Cancer
Spring 03 Pyxis
Spring 04 Hydra
Spring 05 Antlia
Spring 06 Leo
Spring 06a Leo Minor
Spring 07 Ursa Major
Spring 08 Sextans
Spring 09 Crater
Spring 10 Corvus
Spring 11 Virgo
Spring 12 Coma
Spring 13 Camelopardalis
Spring 14 Canes
Spring 15 Centaurus
Spring 16 Draco
Spring 17 Ursa Minor
Spring Edge-on Galaxies

Summer 01 Bootes
Summer 02 Libra
Summer 03 Draco
Summer 04 Hercules
Summer 05 Scorpius
Summer 06 Ophiucus
Summer 07 Serpens Caput
Summer 07 Serpens Cauda
Summer 08 Corona
Summer 09 Sagittarius
Summer 10 Scutum
Summer 11 Sagitta
Summer 12 Lyra
Summer 13 Delphinus
Summer 13a Equuleus
Summer 14 Microscopium
Summer 15 Cygnus
Summer 16 Aquila
Summer 17 Vulpecula
Summer Dark Nebulae
Summer Draco Deep Field

Fall 01 Cepheus
Fall 02 Capricornus
Fall 03 Pegasus Hickson 93
Fall 03 Pegasus Pegasus I
Fall 03 Pegasus
Fall 04 Cassiopeia
Fall 05 Aquarius
Fall 06 Piscis Austrinus
Fall 07 Lacerta
Fall 08 Sculptor
Fall 09 Andromeda
Fall 10 Pisces
Fall 11 Perseus
Fall 12 Cetus
Fall 13 Fornax
Fall 14 Triangulum
Fall 15 Aries

Winter 01 Eridanus
Winter 02 Camelopardalis
Winter 03 Taurus
Winter 04 Orion
Winter 05 Lepus
Winter 06 Auriga
Winter 07 Gemini
Winter 08 Monoceros
Winter 09 Canis Ma_Mi
Winter 10 Puppis