Accessories - Chairs

A very important thing to have for an observing session is an observer's chair - one can literally see more when comfortable! I bought the adjustable observer's chair from Orion, it wroked very well wit CGE1400 covering all needed heights. Things changed when Obsession 18" become my visual scope, eyepiece height at zenith is around 6', so I needed much higher observing chair. I can still use a variable height chairs with the 18" Obsession, but the Orion regular chair is too small for most targets. I bought CatsPerch Summit observing chair which is MUCH higher, and it works well for almost all Obsession positions. It is best if I am looking at objects that are close in the sky for an extended period of time, since I don't need to move the chair often. Usually it is the case since I like to examine few targets in more detail, which is most of the time better mode of observing than hopping all around the sky. CatsPerch Summit is a really high chair in fully extended position, and in order to feel comfortable sitting on the very high level I use a plastic stepstool so I can easily adjust position and step up and down from the chair.I can also rest my feet on the stepstool away from the chair's frame what is more comfortable and stable.